Aquaforest KH Plus, 200ml

Aquaforest KH Plus, 200ml


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Concentrated Alkalinity Reef Supplement

Aquaforest Alkalinity Plus is a concentrated solution used for raising carbonate hardness in marine aquariums. Alkalinity is an essential part of calcification and coral growth. Corals skeletons are dependent on having ample calcium and alkalinity in the water for corals to absorb and convert into a calcium carbonate structure. KH Plus is perfect for smaller tanks that do not require much alkalinity additives or larger tanks that require big swings without changing any other parameters.


2 tsp of solution increases the alkalinity level in 27 gallons of water by 0.5 dKH. It is highly recommended to add alkalinity solution slowly to a high flow area of the tank to help reduce any precipitation.

It is suggested to start with a dose of 5mL per 27 gallons of aquarium water daily. After each dose, test your aquarium’s Alkalinity level and adjust dosage as needed.

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