Black Forest Driftwood 7-12”

Black Forest Driftwood 7-12”


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Hydra Aquatics Black Forest Driftwood 7-12”

– Create a unique, natural environment

– Not harmful to fish, shrimp, or other living organisms

– Versatile hardscape material that is easy to work with

– Cleaned and sterilized

– Pieces range from 7-12” in size

Hydra Aquatics’ Black Forest Driftwood is all natural wood sorted from the finest driftwood in Asia to create a unique, natural environment for both fish and shrimp. This attractive wood is dark in appearance and unlike some other wood options, this wood will release little to no tannins which would otherwise stain the aquarium water. This wood is a versatile hardscape material that is cleaned, sterilized, and easy to work with. As it is natural driftwood, it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.


– Rinse prior to use.

– Driftwood will float until it becomes waterlogged. If you don’t want to weight the wood down with rocks, it is recommended to pre-soak the wood until it sinks prior to using it in your aquarium.