Boa, Hyp Het Moonglow (Boa imperator) CB

Boa, Hyp Het Moonglow (Boa imperator) CB


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Boa, Hyp Het Moonglow (Boa imperator) CB

Enclosure Size: Display/ enclosure/ cage size for a newborn boa should be small, to make your boa feel secure and reduce stress. A newborn boa recommended display/ enclosure/ cage size would be 12”L x 12”W x 12”H. If your initial setup is larger, you must provide a hide spot. Juvenile boas may be moved to a larger display/ enclosure/ cage. Adult boas are recommended to have a display/ enclosure/ cage size of 48″L x 30″W x 24″H. Please keep in mind, display/ enclosure/ cage, not an aquarium. Aquariums with screen lids are easy for boas to escape from. In captivity a boa must be kept in an escape proof setup, with built in locks/ screen that is not easy to press out/ escape through. Provide your boa with a large water bowl with fresh dechlorinated water daily. Make sure it has a square bottom to prevent tipping the water over. Soggy substrate can cause health problems. Newspaper or shredded Aspen may be used as substrate. Do NOT use cedar or pine as they may cause respiratory/health problems. Spot clean you cage daily, and sanitize weekly.

Temperature: Your boa setup should be heated 24 hours per day, for your boa to thermoregulate properly.  Display/ enclosure/ cage environment should include a hot spot of 90-95°F, and a cooler area of 80-85°F.  This temperature gradient will aid in digesting food, as well as good shed cycles.  DO NOT guess on temperatures.  Buy a good thermometer with a probe to verify, or a infrared temperature gun with laser.

Humidity: The humidity in the setup should be between 60-75%.  Use a hygrometer to verify.

Diet: Boas feed on primarily rodents.  In captivity, we feed rodents exclusively. They will eat mice for the first 6 months to almost 1 year old. Yearlings will eat weaned rats. We always make sure that the rodents are feed a top quality rodent diet. Newborn boas are fed fuzzy-pup sized mice every 7 days. Yearlings will eat weaned rats every 7 days. This is essential that they be fed every week. Prey should leave a small lump that you can barely notice. Currently, this snake is eating live mice. High quality frozen rodents may be used as well with time.

Range: Mexico, Central and South America, and surrounding islands.

Sex: Female

Birth: 2020

Maximum Size: Males 5-7 feet, Females 6-8 feet

Breeder: Eisel Reptiles

Lifespan: 20-30 year average.  Up to 40 year in captivity

Notes: Domestic US shipping available for 65-90.00.  Restrictions apply based on time of year/ outdoor temperatures.

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