Dart Frog, R. variabilis “Southern” (Ranitomeya variabilis) CB

Dart Frog, R. variabilis “Southern” (Ranitomeya variabilis) CB


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R. variabilis “Southern” Dart Frog, Rinomataya variabilis “Southern” CB

Enclosure Size: A 12″x12″x18″ or greater enclosure is recommended per pair/ trio.  Keep decorated with Bromeliads, Tillandsias, Orchids, Ferns, and Mosses.

Temperature: 72-76°F

Humidity: 80-100%  We advise a quality mist system, such as MistKing.

Diet: As with most dart frogs, fruit flies (D. melanogaster), and micro fauna such as springtails and small isopods.

Range: Peru, and in Ecuador

Notes: Although at first glance this morph looks like the nominal R. variabilis, it is worth mentioning as a distinct morph. First, the dorsum typically lacks the blues found in the nominal R. variabilis. The legs also tend to be solid blue and with very large black spots. The southern morph is also larger than the nominal morph. Strangely, the evolution of spots in high elevations has occurred more that once in the R. variabilis group; both in Peru and in Ecuador. (Per Dendrobates.org)

Sex: Unsexed

Captive Life Span: 5-8 years

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