DaStaCo EXT Model 13 Calcium Reactor

DaStaCo EXT Model 13 Calcium Reactor




Takes 140kg of media.  (Most people order 6 buckets and keep the extra for future topping off) Please follow specific instructions included with reactor on chamber filling heights.

The DaStaCo reactor is a state of the art fully automated Calcium and Alkalinity Reactor for SPS dominant reef aquariums where a consistent, heavy and reliable supply of minerals are needed. Once operational, all that is required to deliver more or less alkalinity is the simple turn of one dial on the controller. The calcium reactor computer automatically does the rest of the work. No fiddling with bubble counts or flow rates. The DaSTaCo Reactor price here comes complete with everything but media and a co2 tank. Included are peristaltic pump (2 on the larger units), Co2 Regulator and all the little working parts. The peristaltic pump supplies the tank water to the reactor and is much more reliable and precise than a standard impeller pump. We also include an AC/DC converter at no additional charge.

How it works- While typical calcium reactors dissolve aragonite media at a ph around 6.7, the DaStaCo media dissolves Triton tested extremely pure calcium carbonate at a ph around 6.0. At this ph, co2 is saturated in the water column within the reactor. By utilizing a very reliable float switch to control the flow of co2 into the reactor based on this saturation point, the water within the reactor can always stay at this 6.0 rate. If more alkalinity is needed from the reactor, simply turn the Alk/Ca dial up a notch and more water will be exchanged between the display and reactor. Since the ph is kept constant within the unit via the float switch, there are no other variables to tinker with. With traditional reactors there is a bubble counter, co2 flow knob, ph probe, and reactor water flow to adjust. The design of the DaStaCo removes 3 of the four variables making the unit much more reliable. Since this unit will perfectly handle the calcium and alkalinity needs of your reef tank, you will still need to add other major and minor ions. A few noteworthy points that separate this design from the competition. The computer allows the reactor to automatically vent built up gasses several times a day. Since other gases build up within any reactor design, it is important to purge them so the unit can continue to deliver consistent minerals to the tank. This unit does it for you keeping the gasses in the reactor mostly Co2. The unit has many built in audible alarms that notify the user of any errors in performance. It is recommended to do ICP tests (Triton) every month or two to dial in the other ions needed by your aquarium. Elements such as Mg, K, I, B, S, get used up quickly by growing corals and do need to be replaced. This is the reactor of choice of so many awesome European (and now American) reef tanks. David Saxby, Mike Paletta and Sanjay Yoshi all run DaStaCo calcium reactors for their extreme reliability. We employ an ExtremA 13 on our 5000 gal reef system at Unique and absolutely love it. For smaller tanks without heavy mineral demands consider the Triton Core 7 Elements. They contain a balanced mix of all major and minor ions.

DaStaCo EXT Model 13 Calcium Reactor rated for up to 3500g.

Dimensions- 32″ x 18″ x 44″ (LxWxH)

Sensor Type – Single

Pump Type – 12/I/L/hrx2

All that is required in addition to this unit is the media and Co2 tank.  Media is not included in the reactor price.  Choose either the ultra pure Dastaco media or the AMS Pro Cal.  The latter will also maintain a slightly higher Ph within the display aquarium.  Shipping to your door is already factored into the pricing.