EpiWeb Substrate

EpiWeb Substrate


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Drainage and weight are key features of InSitu’s design approach. EpiWeb is a polyethylene mat material that allows water to pass through it and is also extremely lightweight. When used to cover the sloped deck of the vivarium, Epiweb becomes an ideal substrate medium. Because it’s porous but still holds some moisture, plants will root directly into it. And because its inorganic, it will not break down or degrade like organic substrates.

EpiWeb absorbs water streams without splashing, so it’s ideal to use with our Rio water flow system as it prevents water drops from building up on vivarium walls and doors.

We sell an EpiWeb kit for use as substrate in our Selva, Selva Plus and Amazonia vivariums. The first piece is custom cut to 19.5 x 12″ and covers the primary floor of the vivarium. A second piece measures 19.5 x 3.75″ and covers the trough (assuming the trough is filled with some sort of drainage material such as LECA or horticultural charcoal).

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