In Situ Ecosystems – Amazonia Classic Vivarium, 24″

In Situ Ecosystems – Amazonia Classic Vivarium, 24″


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The Amazonia Classic is the ultimate standalone vivarium package, and includes our 6 strip LED light hood, dual air circulation fans, and independent power supplies. The Amazonia also includes all the foundational innovative features of the Selva Plus, including:

  • Base and hood made from ABS thermoplastic (the same material LEGOs are made from)
  • Sloped base deck and integrated drain/plumbing
  • Door tracks with integrated ‘bumpers’ that create a seal and prevent fruit flies from escaping
  • Annealed glass doors, light bay and rear vent cover
  • Annealed glass sides and back
  • Black powder-coated stainless steel screens
  • Three pre-drilled misting head holes (with plugs) in front of the light bay
  • Three drilled ‘starts’ for integrating additional misting heads behind the light bay
  • Three adjustable front hood vents and adjustable rear vent


All-glass vivarium: 32 lbs (14.5 kg)
With Alumalite composite back: 24 lbs (10.9 kg)

 (width x height x depth)
22.25 x 24 x 17.5″
(56.5 x 61 x 44.5 cm)

Additional information

Back Panel Upgrade

Our lightweight Alumalite back panel is made of an aluminum composite that reduces the weight of each vivarium by approximately 8 lbs., making them extremely easy to move, carry and maneuver.

Add as many panels to your cart as you are ordering vivariums – we will automatically incorporate each into your custom-built enclosures.

Rio Water Flow Systems

Free installation is already reflected in the current listed upgrade price.

A rushing creek in a mountain ravine, the steady trickle of water down a rocky embankment, a winding stream through a lowland rainforest… Capturing the essence of water in the wild is a worthy goal, and one we have taken deeply to heart. These environments inspire us to create microcosms of tranquility within our homes, and we have developed a system that enables you to do just that.

THE RIO WATER FLOW SYSTEM IS AVAILABLE IN TWO OPTIONS: A Do-It-Yourself (DIY) retrofit kit that enables the creation of a waterfall, drip wall or stream within your vivarium, or a Factory-Install kit that contains nearly all the same components but enables us to create penetrations inside the vivarium for you that will not void its warranty, as well as mounting the pump inside the vivarium's base.

The Rio Factory Install kit includes all of the components you need to create your choice of a stream, waterfall or drip wall, including:

Pump assembly
Regulated 9V power supply and potentiometer (dimmer)
5 feet of connecting tubing
All necessary strainers and bulkhead fittings
1 filter sock
Misc. mounting hardware
Choice of approach (stream, waterfall, drip wall)
Choice of where the internal penetration will be located
Custom fabrication of your vivarium in accordance with your selection

Neptune Systems

The Neptune Systems Apex controller has been the gold standard in providing control to complex habitat systems for over 20 years. Although it was originally designed for reef tank management, we have adapted it to control the cycles and parameters that are important to terrestrial plant and animal species found in tropical rainforests.


Neptune Apex Controller
Temperature probe
Energy Bar 4
InSitu dimmer cable (will power up to 2 Meanwell power supplies)

Neptune Systems' customary technical support
Additional 1-yr InSitu programming support (including scheduled internet help with specific programming requests)
Plug-and-play pre-set programming (daily lighting, circulation, misting, temperature monitoring & mitigation)
Alexa compatibility & monitoring

Meanwell Power Supply

This power supply is for those who already have one of our lighting systems and are ready to upgrade and connect it to an Apex controller for automated dimming and lighting cycles.

This product is only necessary if you are running an Apex controller. An Apex-to-Meanwell connector cable is also required to connect to the Apex, and is available as a separate accessory.