Maxspect Ethereal 130w LED Light, Slave

Maxspect Ethereal 130w LED Light, Slave


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Modular 130w LED with ICV6 Wi-Fi Connectivity

Effective Coverage: 24in x 24in | Dimensions: 11.8in x 9.5in x 1.3in (LxWxH)

LED Modular Perfection

The Maxspect Ethereal is a full spectrum modular lighting fixture with 5 independently controlled color channels and enough performance to fulfill the needs of even the most demanding corals.

Multiple units can be linked together to work as one and can be easily controlled wirelessly via PC, mobile iOS or Android devices. The iOS/Android app allows the user to create different photoperiod profiles, weathered modes plus many more enhancing features

One-of-a-Kind Cooling System

A unique temperature controlled crossflow fan pulls cool air into the fixture from both the top and the bottom and pushes it out through the sides of the fixture ensuring that the entire unit is evenly cooled. The vented channel design allows for each LED pad to remain at optimal temperatures increasing the output life of the LEDs.

The Ethereal uses 130 watts of electricity and boasts a coverage are of 24in x24in. The Ethereal features a modern expandable mounting bracket that is compatible with both rimless and braced tanks.