RIO Water Flow System (Factory Install)

RIO Water Flow System (Factory Install)


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A rushing creek in a mountain ravine, the steady trickle of water down a rocky embankment, a winding stream through a lowland rainforest… Capturing the essence of water in the wild is a worthy goal, and one we have taken deeply to heart. These environments inspire us to create microcosms of tranquility within our homes, and we have developed a system that enables you to do just that.

The RIO Factory-Install upgrade enables us to create penetrations inside the vivarium that will not void its warranty, as well as the ability to mount the pump inside the vivarium’s base.

The kit includes all of the components you need to create your choice of a stream, waterfall or drip wall, as well as:

  • Pump assembly
  • Regulated 9V power supply and potentiometer (dimmer)
  • 5′ of connecting tubing
  • All necessary strainers, bulkeads & fittings
  • 1 filter sock
  • 1 anti-siphon elbow (modified to allow air diffusion into the water stream and prevent siphoning)
  • 2′ of airline tubing
  • Misc. mounting hardware



The Rio is just one part of a larger system we have designed. To prevent waterlogged substrates that break down over time, we recommend using an Epi-web synthetic substrate mat, or Matala synthetic filter mat, custom cut for use with InSitu vivariums. For the look of real stone (but not the weight), we offer pumice stone background kits as well as individually available accent stones.