Spider Wood 23-32” – Choice

Spider Wood 23-32” – Choice


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Hydra Aquatics Spider Wood 23-32” – Choice

– Create a unique, natural environment

– Not harmful to fish, shrimp, or other living organisms

– Versatile hardscape material that is easy to work with

– Cleaned and sterilized

– Approximate size: Ranging from 23-32” in size

Hydra Aquatics’ Spider Wood Choice showpieces are hand selected, one of a kind pieces of driftwood with varying features and sizes. Spider Wood is all natural driftwood sorted from the finest driftwood in Asia to create a unique, natural environment for both fish and shrimp. This wood is a versatile hardscape material that is cleaned, sterilized, and easy to work with. As it is natural driftwood, it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.


– Rinse prior to use.

– Driftwood will float until it becomes waterlogged. If you don’t want to weight the wood down with rocks, it is recommended to pre-soak the wood until it sinks prior to using it in your aquarium.