Standard Diaphragm Misting Pump

Standard Diaphragm Misting Pump


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This is the standard pump. You can use this pump with one nozzle or with 20 nozzles. It can run continuously for hours at a time EVEN DRY! This self priming pump is capable of producing maximum of 125 PSI of pressure. This pump is virtually silent. When operating, You’ll be wondering if the pump is even on. Pump comes with a 2Amp 24V AC/DC adapter. Equipped with 1/4″ push in fittings on both sides of the pump, a pump mounting bracket. ZipDrip is optional feature on this pump. Typically when misting is done the pressure left in the lines will cause your nozzles to drip. The Integrated Zip drip valve will reduce your dripping down to ZIP ! This pump is powered by a 24V Power adapter. Select your appropriate voltage when purchasing. See details for more information.
Dimensions: 7.5″L x 4″W x 4″H

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