Ultum Nature Systems – CO2 Glass Drop Checker Set

Ultum Nature Systems – CO2 Glass Drop Checker Set


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UNS CO2 Glass Drop Checker Set

The CO2 drop checker set allows you to monitor the carbon dioxide concentration in your water column.  Knowing how much CO2 is being pumped into your aquarium is crucial because plants need it to grow but too much will kill livestock.  Using a drop checker is an easy way to get a rough idea of how much CO2 is present in the water.


1 x glass drop checker

1 x syringe

1 x drop checker solution


1. Add water into the drop checker (use 4 dkH water for best results)

2. Place several drops of pH solution into the drop checker and mix it with the 4dkH water

3. Place the drop checker on the rim of your tank with the open end penetrating the surface of your aquarium water line

How to read:

Blue = little to no CO2

Green = ideal

Yellow = too high