Anthias, Rose (Odontanthias katayamai)

Anthias, Rose (Odontanthias katayamai)


Image Courtesy Of : Yi-Kai Tea

This is a specimen that has been in captivity in Taiwan since mid 2020.  It is conditioned and eating.  Possibly the first live specimen offered for sale in the US!  Requires 4-6 weeks to acquire, and quarantine.

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Actual specimen.

Rose Anthias
(Odontanthias katayamai)

Temperate Water: 65°F or less.  Will require a chiller/ temperate environment.

Collection Depth: 700 ft

Care Level: Expert

Maximum Length: 6.5″

Range: Western Pacific: Mariana Islands, Taiwan and southern Japan.

Temperament: Cryptic/ Semi- Aggressive

Diet: Meaty foods.  We recommend LRS Fish Frenzy, LRS Reef Frenzy, PE Mysis, and high quality frozen foods.

Coral Tank Compatibility: Requires cooler temperatures, and subdued lighting. Deepwater/ azooxanthellate corals recommended.  Will eat ornamental shrimps, and small crustaceans.

Aquarium Size: 100 gallons or greater.

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