External Betta Box

External Betta Box


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Up Aqua External Betta Box

-Multi-purpose betta box: betta, feeding, or quarantine tank

-Includes an air pump connection for air-driven filtration and water circulation

-Slotted dividers allow water to flow while keeping fish in contained compartment

Up Aqua’s External Cycle Betta Box can be used as a betta tank, feeding tank, or quarantine tank.

The External Betta Box includes an air pump connection for air-driven filtration and water circulation.  With an air pump (not included), clean water flows into the top of the tank where debris is pulled with the water flow into the sponge on the side.

The sponge is removable for easy cleaning, and there is room to add several pieces of Active Filter 4-in-1 (also not included) for extra filtration. The dividers provided are slotted to allow water flow while preventing fish from swimming from one compartment to another.

To house up to 2 bettas, place both dividers into the slots located at the center of the box.  The tinted divider should be used to prevent stress from male bettas viewing each other for prolonged periods, but it may be removed periodically to view the bettas flaring at each other.

For other species of small fish/invertebrates the dividers can be placed in the other provided slots to create a total of 3 compartments.  To use this product as a feeding/quarantine tank or acclimation tank, you may easily remove the plastic dividers.

9” x 4.75” x 5.5”

Suction Cups
Slotted Clear Divider
Slotted Tinted Divider
Uplift Tube
Return Spout
Air Stone

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