Advanced Aquatic Ecosystems, LLC

We are in the process of repopulating our website. Please be patient, and check in regularly for us to be fully updated. Items shown, are active to purchase, and ready for check out.

Please be advised that the Covid-19 pandemic has created industry shortages, and delays. Shipping times will vary. Stocked items will ship within 3-7 business days, drop shipped items will ship within 3-10 business days. Custom built items will be based on the specific item. Chartered, and specialty livestock can vary greatly, based on the chartered dive scheduled date, as well as necessary quarantine time frames.

We are doing everything in our power to make sure our shipments abide to local/ national safety measures, and that our staff is safe during the current pandemic.

Since 2007, we have specialized in rare, aberrant, and deepwater ornamental marine fish acquisitions for the public and private aquarium trade. Special orders, and special requests are welcomed, as waiting lists exist on many species.

We will now be offering equipment for advanced freshwater planted aquariums, as well as vivarium, and paludarium setups.

We are uploading a vast amount of specialty life support equipment, additives, testing equipment, custom aquariums/ enclosures, and general supplies to the webpage as well.

Chartered dives will resume in 2022, barring any additional pandemic issues, and we anticipate some amazing twilight dives for long awaited fish and inverts!

Countless thanks to Yi-Kai Tea, Sanjay Joshi, Luiz Rocha, Barry Brown, and numerous others for providing/ helping with images. You are appreciated!

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