AZOO Active 4 in 1 Filtration Media, 12 pcs

AZOO Active 4 in 1 Filtration Media, 12 pcs


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AZOO Active 4 in 1 Filtration Media – 12 pcs

-Highly porous biological media

-Adsorptive coating for 4 types of chemical filtration in one (4 in 1)

-Stabilizes pH to decrease fish disease

-12 pcs treats 0.5 gallons of water for 12 months

AZOO’s Active 4 in 1 Filtration Media is suitable for freshwater, aquatic planted, saltwater, invertebrate aquariums, and ponds. It is manufactured by using the latest technology with larger pore structure to ensure optimum bacterial colonization. It has 400 times the surface and decomposition rate to outperform conventional biofilter media. AZOO’s Active 4 in 1 Filtration Media provides outstanding benefits.

The filtration media utilizes the latest sintering technology to create an enhanced, ultra-activated media. The cylindrical porosity design allows a large population of bacteria to grow in a minimal space, while pores are perfectly sized for bacteria colonies. Its open structure and high surface area result in superior flow and adsorption process.

The 4 types of chemical filtration include: Calcium & Magnesium Ion, Silver Ion, Far Infrared-rays, and Anion.

Calcium & Magnesium Ion has a large pore structure to ensure optimal bacterial colonization for heterotrophic bacteria, nitrifying bacteria, and photosynthetic bacteria (PSB). Improved biomembrane allows dead bacteria to detach over time, preventing a clogged pore structure enabling longer effective use of this media. It breaks down ammonia and nitrite 400 times faster than conventional biofilter media. It has no affect on pH and releases supplemental ions into the water including: calcium, magnesium, zinc, boron, lithium, and aluminum.

Silver Ion contains active ionic silver to oxidize pathogenic microorganisms including algae and other odor causing organisms. It results in inhibiting growth of pathogens in the aquarium water without risk of resistance. It is not affected by pH and is harmless to fish and aquatic plants.

Far Infrared-rays releases toxins stuck in the water molecules making them readily accessible for metabolic processes in fish and plants. Not only does this promote well being and increase metabolism in the fish, but it also increases the color and life span. This can be used along with medications to inhibit pathogens in the aquarium water.

Anion clarifies the water and decreases the ability of pathogens to survive in the water. It also detoxifies free radicals, boosting the immune system of aquatic inhabitants allowing for faster wound recovery and a longer life span.

Designed and Tested with Mignon Filters