AZOO Air Pump, 9500

AZOO Air Pump, 9500


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AZOO Air Pump 9500

-Powerful, silent and lower vibration

-High outlet pressure, suitable for deeper aquarium

-Water resistant and durable

-Up to 110 gallon capacity

All air pumps are not created equal; step up to AZOO and enjoy the difference! AZOO’s pumps are manufactured in Taiwan with quality Japanese components. They are designed to run longer with quieter, more reliable performance. The air outlet specs are given at 20 inches, which is vital information. Most pump companies state them at no pressure just like on water pumps.

Capacity: Up to 110 gallons
Outlets: 2
Output: 0.8 to 2 L/min x2 outlets at 20 inches
PSI: 3.99
Power: 3 to 6 watts Electronic control knob

Made in Taiwan

Model 9500
2 outlets
3 to 6w Electronic control Control
0.8 to 2 L/min x2 outlets at 20 inches
3.99 psi
Up to 110 gallons