AquaLife Ammo Fishless Cycling (Ammonium Chloride), 4oz

AquaLife Ammo Fishless Cycling (Ammonium Chloride), 4oz


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AquaLife AMMO
Fishless Cycling

Why endanger fish and animal life in order to establish a strong, healthy biological filter? AquaLife AMMO ammonium chloride solution eliminates the need to add fish or other animal life in order to establish an effective biological filter. Nitrifying bacteria need a stable food source in order to multiply. AquaLife AMMO is the perfect solution for stimulating the growth of nitrifying bacteria. Use it when there are no organisms in the water. Follow with ACTIVATE bacteria supplement for the fastest establishment of functioning biological systems.

Remove chlorine and chloramine, which inhibit nitrifying bacteria, by dosing the tank with AquaLife DeChlorit. Add 6 drops per gallon, or 1oz per 100 gallons of aquarium water. This will produce an ammonia concentration of 3 ppm.

Turn off protein skimmers, UV sterilizers, and ozone generators for the following week. For the most immediate and effective removal of ammonia and nitrites, add AquaLife ACTIVATE (either freshwater or saltwater formula, as appropriate) according to the label directions.

Monitor ammonia and nitrite levels. As the initial ammonia level of 3 ppm drops, the nitrite level should begin to rise. Both ammonia and nitrite levels should read zero before introducing livestock. For a light fish load, add 1 drop per gallon for 1 ppm. 1oz treats 100 gallons to achieve 3 ppm, and 1oz treats 300 gallons for 1 ppm.

4 ounce bottle treats up to 1200 gallons.

Caution: Do not add product to an established system with livestock. Keep out of reach of children. Product is a mild skin irritant. Flush contacted skin with plenty of water. This material may cause mild skin allergies. Always wash hands after using this product.

Keep out of reach of children.
Not for human consumption.
Not for use with fish for human consumption.