Aquaforest Calcium Test Kit

Aquaforest Calcium Test Kit


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Quickly and accurately measure the Calcium concentration in saltwater aquariums!

Aquaforest TestPro Calcium is designed to quickly measure the concentration of Calcium (Ca) in marine aquariums. Calcium plays an important role in many biological processes, e.g. takes part in the construction of hard coral’s calcium carbonate skeleton.

Calcium levels should be analyzed regularly, together with other critical water parameters like Alkalinity and Magnesium. Recommended Calcium level should be maintained in the range between 400-450 mg/l (ppm). The Aquaforest Calcium Test Kit contains sufficient reagents to perform approx. 55-60 separate tests within that range.


Type of Test: Titration
Total Number of Test: 55-65 (depending on reagent volume required per test)
Included in box: 1x 3mL Syringe, 1x 1mL Syringe, 1x Syringe Tip, 1x Test Vial, 1x Calcium Reference Solution, 1x Instruction Card, 1x Quality Certificate