Aquaforest Carbon, 1L

Aquaforest Carbon, 1L


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High quality granulated active carbon

With the Aquaforest Probiotic system or any other system that creates an Ultra Low Nutrient System (ULSN), carbon will be required to keep toxins and other unwanted chemicals from building up in the aquarium. Carbon is used in all types of fresh or saltwater tanks because of its ability to remove odors, tannins, heavy metals, and fine particles. If you use a probiotic system it is highly recommended to use Aquaforest Carbon for the best results and control.

Aquaforest’s carbon has a larger size that helps prevent blockages and clogs while having a highly porous internal network creating vast amounts of surface area for filtration capabilities.



Place 100 mL for every 27 gallons (100 L) of Saltwater into any up flow reactor or media bag . For freshwater use 100 mL of Carbon per 54 gallons (200 L).

Replace Carbon every 4 weeks for best results.