Aquaforest Component A, 2L

Aquaforest Component A, 2L


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Strontium and Barium Reef Supplement

Aquaforest Component A is a balanced mixture of strontium and barium that will help accelerate the growth of corals and filter feeders. It is recommended to dose Component A along with Component B and C in equal proportions.


Component A is formulated for correcting minor deficiencies of strontium and barium in a marine aquarium. The unique formula was created basing on the natural seawater ratio of strontium and barium. Protein skimmers and filtration media tend to remove trace elements from the water of closed aquarium systems, making micro nutrients supplementation necessary. Strontium supports the formation of coral skeletal tissue and improves the absorption of calcium.


Once a week add 10mL of Component A per 54 gallons of aquarium water (for smaller tanks 10 drops per 10 liters). For daily dosing take your weekly dose, and divide by seven for your daily dosing amount.

When using Components A, B, C a 5-minute time interval should be kept between each dose. Do not mix or store components in one container.