Aquaforest Lab Component PRO 1,2,3 – 3 x 5L

Aquaforest Lab Component PRO 1,2,3 – 3 x 5L


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Balanced calcium, alkalinity and magnesium solution with all other major and minor elements

The Components Pro formula was created by qualified specialists based on their many years of experience. Unlike traditional methods of reef tank supplementation, the Aquaforest method is highly efficient, and has been modified and enriched with all of the microelements necessary for the proper balancing of the aquarium. Regularly dosed additives provide proper levels of carbonate hardness, magnesium and calcium (KH 6.5-8.5, Ca 380-460 ppm, Mg 1180-1460 ppm). Moreover, this specialist formula allows you to maintain the right amounts of microelements.

Components PRO Kit Contains

  • 5000 mL Component PRO 1 (Ca, Sr, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, Ni, Cr, Co, Mo)
  • 5000 mL Component PRO 2 (Kh- HCO3, F, I)
  • 5000 mL Component PRO 3 (Mg, S, K, B, Sr, Li)


Dosing Instructions

Dosing will vary per your aquariums demand for trace elements. All additives should be dosed equally based on Ca, KH and Mg consumption. Regularly test your water and establish the optimal dose basing on analysis results. With a SPS coral tank, the recommended Components Pro dose is 12 ml per 100 liters of water daily. When water parameters aren’t in the recommended range use one of the Aquaforest Lab additives (Ca Plus, Mg Plus, KH Plus) until reaching the desired levels.

Component 1 Pro contains: Ca, Sr, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, Ni, Cr, Co, Mo (25 ml / 100 l raises Ca by 9 ppm). Component 2 Pro contains: HCO3, F, I (25 ml / 100 l raises KH by 1.3 dKH – Alk 0.46 meq / l). Component 3 Pro contains: Mineral salts, Mg, S, K, B, Sr, Li (25 ml / 100 l increases Mg by 0.76 ppm). Due to the high concentration of the product, we recommend regular maintenance of the dosing lines. Keep away from children. The product can be used only in the aquarium. Not suitable for consumption. Safety data sheet available on request.

With an average load coral aquarium: 12 ml daily/100 liters (27 US gal) of water

Note: Dosing components too quickly together may cause precipitation. We recommend 1 hour between each components addition, helping prevent elements from falling out of solution.