Aquaforest Nitrate NO3 Test Kit

Aquaforest Nitrate NO3 Test Kit


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Quickly & accurately measure the Nitrate concentrations in saltwater

Aquaforest Nitrate TestPro is designed for quick measurement of Nitrate ions in a marine aquarium. Nitrate in water is the end result of the nitrogen cycle. High concentrations of nitrate cause the growth of undesirable algae. Nitrate levels in reef aquariums should be 2-5 mg/l (ppm). This test kit contains sufficient reagents to perform 40 tests of nitrate concentration.

Test Includes:

  • Reagent A-NO3 bottle
  • Reagent B-NO3 container
  • 1 test vial with a screw cap
  • Syringe – 1 ml
  • Syringe – 2 ml
  • Measuring spoon
  • Instruction manual
  • Waterproof Color chart