Aquaforest Reef Salt, 200 Gallon Box (NO FREE FREIGHT)

Aquaforest Reef Salt, 200 Gallon Box (NO FREE FREIGHT)


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One of the finest salts available for coral reef aquariums

Aquaforest Reef Salt is a fully synthetic marine salt, designed with parameters found on ocean reefs, as well as micronutrients and macronutrients, to fulfill the demand of corals for proper growth and pigmentation. The balance of elements, along with the high-quality components used to manufacture the salt allows it to mix quickly for immediate use.

Aquaforest Reef Salt Parameters at 33ppt / 75.2°F:

Cl: 19000 – 19500 mg/l
Na: 9720 – 11880 mg/l
Mg: 1300 – 1360 mg/l
S:  810 – 990 mg/l
Ca:  410 – 430 mg/l
K:  360 – 380 mg/l
Sr:  7.2 – 8.8 mg/l
B: 4.05 – 5.0 mg/l
dKH: 7.4 – 8.2
pH: 8 – 8.2

Mix Capacity @ 34ppt:

Instructions for use: Dissolve the salt in previously prepared RO/DI water. Water temperature should be about 75°F. For salinity of 34 ppt dissolve about 8.75 lbs of salt in 27 US gal of water. Stir the solution vigorously for about 15 min. When the salt is fully dissolved and the solution clears, the salt water is ready to use.  Keep the salt sealed in a dry and dark place. Once Dissolved, use the salt within 5 days.