Aquaforest Stone Fix, 6kg

Aquaforest Stone Fix, 6kg


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Aquaforest Stone Fix is a quickly bonding, cement-based glue designed for connecting large pieces of live or ceramic rock. It does not contain toxic compounds, which makes it perfectly safe for fish and invertebrates.

How to use: mix small amount of glue with water until consistency gets homogeneous. Immediately begin applying to rock.

Stone Fix is recommended to be used outside the tank. If an underwater application is required, all circulatory and return pumps should be switched off. After linking individual pieces leave for bonding for 15 minutes. Temporary haziness of the water is not harmful. PH levels may increase in this instance. In tanks with livestock we recommend not to glue more than 2-3 pieces a day.

Contains: Portland cement. Store in a cool, dry place in its original packaging for a period no longer than 12 months from the production date shown on the label.