Hydra Aquatics Aquarium Feeder & Cleaner

Hydra Aquatics Aquarium Feeder & Cleaner


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Hydra Aquatics Aquarium Feeder & Cleaner

– Target feeds corals or timid fish

– Siphons out debris or uneaten food

– Use extension tube to reach up to 21.5 inches

– Measures up to 30 ml of fluid

Hydra Aquatics’ Aquarium Feeder & Cleaner is a versatile tool perfect for any aquarium setup. With this tool, you can easily target feed corals or timid fish. This tool can also make quick work out of removing uneaten food in even the smallest nano aquarium: no gravel siphon or bucket needed! Without the extension, the large bulb syringe measures 11.25 inches. Adding the extension tube increases the reach to 21.5 inches. The tube on the bulb syringe is marked at 10 ml, 15 ml, 20 ml, and 30 ml. It is also marked for 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, 3/4 oz, and 1 oz. These measurements do not factor in the volume of the extension tube.