AquaLife Aquarium Salt, 2.27lb

AquaLife Aquarium Salt, 2.27lb


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AquaLife Aquarium Salt- 2.27lb.

-Reduces stress

-Promotes fish health and vigor

-Maintains gill health

-Adds essential electrolytes

-Facilitates osmoregulation

-Reduces disease outbreak

Use AquaLife Aquarium Salt to maintain good electrolyte balance, to promote general fish health and to inhibit disease. Electrolytes facilitate oxygen uptake and the release of carbon dioxide and ammonia through the gills. AquaLife Aquarium Salt contains the proper balance of electrolytes to maintain healthy gill function. Salt added to the aquarium reduces the effort the fish must expend in eliminating excess water from their tissues. The saved energy from eliminating excess water is then available for use by the fish’s immune system to take care of other potential problems. Salt also affects the internal fluids of some pathogens that cause fish disease by disrupting the organism’s internal pressure and reducing its ability to complete its disease cycle. The presence of salt also helps counteract any nitrite toxicity.

Directions: Add 1 rounded tablespoon for every 5 gallons (1/2 rounded teaspoon for every gallon) of aquarium water.

Check salt concentration regularly as salt remains in the tank during normal evaporation. Care should be taken with live aquarium plants.

Keep out of reach of children.

Not for human consumption.