AZOO Aquatic Plants Biopro, 100g

AZOO Aquatic Plants Biopro, 100g


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AZOO Aquatic Plants BioPro

-Specially formulated for aquatic plants

-Effectively raises the buffering capacity in aquariums

-Lowers the impact of large volume water changes

AZOO Aquatic Plants Biopro is made from condensed, long-lasting dormant bacteria (powder form) processed under dry and low temperature conditions. It can be re-activated after only 8 hours in water.

This Biopro is specially formulated for aquatic plants needs, composed of several species of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, promoting plants nutrient absorption and the photosynthesis process.

Biopro rapidly decomposes toxic substances, such as ammonia and nitrite. It eliminates cloudy water, bad smell, protein, oil and foam on the water’s surface.