Up Aqua Betta Box

Up Aqua Betta Box


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Up Aqua Betta Box

– Can be used as a betta box, feeding tank, or quarantine tank

– Includes: Container, Lid, Clear Divider, and Tinted Divider

– 7.125” x 3.75” x 5.25”

Up Aqua’s Betta Box can be used as a betta tank, feeding tank, or quarantine tank.

To house up to 2 bettas, place both dividers into the slots located at the center of the box.  The tinted divider should be used to prevent stress from male bettas viewing each other for prolonged periods, but it may be removed periodically to view the bettas flaring at each other.

The dividers provided allow water flow while preventing fish from swimming from one compartment to another. For other species of small fish/invertebrates or to use as a feeding/quarantine or acclimation tank, you may easily remove the plastic dividers.

Clear Divider
Tinted Divider