AquaLife Black Diamond Substrate, 3lb

AquaLife Black Diamond Substrate, 3lb


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AquaLife Black Diamond Substrate – 3 lbs.

– Size: 2-4mm

– All natural, eco-friendly

– Great for freshwater and planted tanks

– Excellent plant rooting material

– Does not discolor water

– Does not affect water quality parameters

– Great for bottom feeders like catfish

– Smooth surface protects sensitive species

– Covers approximately: 10” x 7” at 1″ deep or 5” x 7” at 2″ deep

AquaLife’s Black Diamond Substrate is an all natural, eco-friendly substrate that is great for freshwater and planted tanks. This substrate’s fine composition makes for an excellent plant rooting material. When wet, the substrate reveals hues of dark black and dark green resembling the finest dark gravel in a mountain stream. It does not affect water quality parameters or discolor the water. Its smooth surface protects sensitive species and is great for bottom feeders like catfish.

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