Butterflyfish, Gemini Butterflyfish (Prognathodes geminis)

Butterflyfish, Gemini Butterflyfish (Prognathodes geminis)


Image Courtesy Of : Yi-Kai Tea

Single specimen from the Coral Sea that is being conditioned currently.  Possibly the first live specimen offered to the US!  Requires 4-6 weeks for remaining conditioning/ quarantine.  Images upon request.

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Gemini Butterflyfish
Prognathodes geminus

Temperate Water: 72°F or lower.

Collection Depth: 250-300 ft

Care Level: Intermediate/ Expert

Maximum Length: 4″

Range: Micronesia: Caroiline Is., Palau I.

Temperament: Peaceful/ Cryptic

Diet: Meaty foods.  We recommend LRS Fish Frenzy, LRS Reef Frenzy, PE Mysis, Hikari Brine Shrimp, Live Blackworms, Live clam on the halfshell, and other high quality frozen foods.

Coral Tank Compatibility: With caution.  Best with Azooxanthellate corals.  Will nip at select large polyp stony corals, tube worms, and Tridacna species clam mantles.

Aquarium Size: 75 gallons or greater.

Notes: Current specimen is conditioned and eating.  Video/ photos upon request.  Live arrival guarantee only.