AquaLife CarboPhos, 16oz Jar – Treats up to 200 Gallons

AquaLife CarboPhos, 16oz Jar – Treats up to 200 Gallons


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AquaLife CarboPhos- 16oz Jar Treats up to 200 gallons

-Removes Phosphate, Silicate, and Protein

-Activated reef formula

-For reefs, plants, fish, ponds, and invertebrates

-Keeps fish and invertebrates healthy and active

-Absorbs harmful chemicals, organic compounds, and metals

-Removes odor and colors

-Phosphate free

-High adsorption capacity – lasts longer than inferior carbons

-Carbon can be used between filter floss, pads, inside filter bags, or in canister filters

Directions: Use 1 cup per 75-100 gallons. Place product in filter bag. Rinse with cold tap water. Product will generate heat when wet the first time. Place for maximum flow through media. Leave product in system for 7 days and test phosphate. If phosphate still reads above 0.02 mg/L, replace media. After phosphate is at desired levels, change media monthly as needed or when phosphate rises. In reefs or saltwater, use along with trace elements of choice. Discontinue or change trace element type if algae is a problem.

For aquarium use only. Keep out of reach of children.