Up Aqua CO2 Regulator with Adjustable Valve + 2 Gauges

Up Aqua CO2 Regulator with Adjustable Valve + 2 Gauges


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Up Aqua CO2 Regulator – Adjustable Valve + 2 Gauges

“At first glance this regulator may appear slightly more expensive than some models found in the market, but the UA-165 (UA128) model has features and construction that cannot be ignored. The regulator is built with sturdy brass construction and quality components throughout. It comes with the best quality decompress pressure valve. Unlike many manufacturers, Up Aqua has not sacrificed on any component. For example, the solenoid valve runs cooler and surprisingly remains cool even after being used for a long period of time. When you want to control your outlet pressure with the best components and solenoid valve, this is the regulator for you!” – Ralph Cabage

– Universal high pressure CO2 regulator with dual gauges

– Includes patented low heat solenoid valve that enables regulator to be operated with a timer for the professional aquarist

– Designed to be highly affective and energy efficient

– Perfect for extended use, this unit is silent and does not produce excess heat

– Made with CE and PSE certified with international patent for safety assurance

– Ideal for a side mount tank

Up Aqua’s Dual Gauge Regulator (CO2 Regulator with Adjustable Valve & 2 gauges) has an adjustable working outlet pressure. This regulator is made of heavy duty brass construction and equipped with a CGA320 (standard US CO2 thread) connector.

Up Aqua’s Regulators are produced using the highest quality components and designed to function with pressurized CO2 systems.

Do not adjust the working pressure to the highest setting, as this will cause the working pressure gauge to break.

Up Aqua’s regulators have been voted Best in Class for multiple years running.

Important Info: Use teflon tape on any fitting that does not seal with a gasket or o-ring.

Warning: All regulators with adjustable outlet pressures must have outlet dial turned to the left before turning the tank on. This prevents damage to the working pressure gauge.

Warranty: All regulators shall be covered by a 1 year limited warranty from date of purchase.

Made in Taiwan

Components needed for your CO2 system:
CO2 Tubing
Check Valve
Bubble Counter
Diffuser or Reactor
CO2 Continuous Tester or Drop Checker

CO2 is one of the most important elements in a planted aquarium. Without CO2, plants would not be as vibrant and healthy. CO2 is as essential along with proper lighting and nutrients to promote proper photosynthesis and help plants compete with and overcome algae. During photosynthesis, plants consume CO2 and certain macro/micro elements to produce simple sugars. This is the basic building block in which a plant would grow. When one of these elements is missing, plant growth comes to a standstill. For more information on those elements, https://sevenports.com/2018/08/15/aqualifes-new-planted-tank-line/.

Carbon dioxide in an aquarium is typically introduced by using a pressurized cylinder. The cylinder is controlled by a regulator or valve and a needle valve.  Some units include solenoid valves, or they can be added later. With a solenoid valve the CO2 can be turned off at night with a simple light timer. Plants do not consume carbon dioxide during the night. This conserves carbon dioxide and reduces any chance of a drop in pH during the night cycle. Pressurized CO2 is the perfect solution for hobbyists.

The regulator is the most important component of any CO2 system.  The pressure in a gas cylinder can be over 700 psi which is too high for safe use.  The regulator reduces the pressure of the tank to a safe, usable level. The CO2 travels through a needle valve after the regulator and then to a check valve that prevents water from back siphoning from the aquarium. After the check valve, a bubble counter is needed. These are not only intriguing, but also provide a visual aid to determining the amount of CO2 entering the system. Up Aqua also offers regulator mounted CO2 Brass Bubble Counter with built in Check Valve (UA-169 or UA131).