AZOO CO2 Regulator with Preset Valve + 2 Gauges

AZOO CO2 Regulator with Preset Valve + 2 Gauges


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AZOO CO2 Regulator – Preset Valve + 2 Gauges

-Pressure regulator for aquarium CO2 supplementation

-Displays and regulates CO2 flow from canister to aquarium CO2 system

-Ready to install without further adjustment for simple aquarium use

Regulate CO2 flow to aquarium CO2 systems without breaking your budget. AZOO CO2 Pressure Regulator with Solenoid is priced right for use with freshwater-planted aquariums, calcium reactors for reef aquariums or any setup requiring precise control of CO2. Precision needle valve and 110V electrical solenoid valve lets you regulate the flow from the CO2 tank to your aquarium CO2 system with ease. Blow-off valve allows manual release of built up pressure, and easy-read gauges tell how much pressure is flowing from the CO2 tank to the aquarium and how much CO2 is left to dispense.

AZOO CO2 Pressure Regulator with Solenoid Operating Notice
•Handle carefully – avoid dropping.
•The AZOO CO2 Pressure Regulator with Solenoid is set to a safe value of 4-6kg/cm2 (it displays 4 kg/cm2). Do not adjust the regulator by yourself.
•Never lubricate with grease.
•When installed on a CO2 canister, make sure the Regulator is screwed tightly to avoid leaking.
•Before plugging the magnetic solenoid valve into the power outlet, check the voltage first.
•Never spill water on your AZOO CO2 Pressure Regulator w/Solenoid.
•Do not disassemble the device.

Operating Instructions
Step 1:Connect the AZOO CO2 Pressure Regulator with Solenoid to a CO2 canister.
Step 2: Turn on the cylinder valve and check that the pressure gauges on the regulator are within the normal range (not in red area).
Step 3: Switch magnetic solenoid valve to the manual operation position and test if it is OK.
Step 4: Adjust the needle valve to obtain proper flow of CO2 and then switch the magnetic solenoid valve to auto operation position.

•The CO2 canister should never be exposed to heat.
•Do not disassemble any part.

Important Info: Use teflon tape on any fitting that does not seal with a gasket or o-ring.

Warranty: All regulators shall be covered by a 90 day limited warranty from date of purchase.