Up Aqua CO2 Tri-Regulator

Up Aqua CO2 Tri-Regulator


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Up Aqua CO2 Tri-Regulator

-Regulate CO2 flow in up to 3 seperate systems from one CO2 tank

-Each connection has its own flow control valve

-Save money on costly CO2 systems

-Compatible with the Up Aqua, AZOO, and many other CO2 Regulators

Save money on costly CO2 systems! With this regulator, CO2 can be added to up to 3 separate systems from one tank. Each connection has its own flow control valve for precise control of CO2 delivery.

Important Info: Use teflon tape on any fitting that does not seal with a gasket or o-ring.

Warranty: All regulators shall be covered by a 1 year limited warranty from date of purchase.