EasyReefs Easy SPS, 20g

EasyReefs Easy SPS, 20g


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EasySPS Reproduces the Suspended Colloidal Matter Found in the Natural Seawater

EasySPS was formulated to reproduce the suspended colloidal matter found in water where Small Polyp Stony Corals (SPS) grow. This specialized food is composed of freeze-dried shrimp, microalgae, and bluefish oil that supplies complex carbohydrates, natural lipids, and nutritional proteins which provide an immediate source of energy for cellular respiration as well as an important energy source beneficial for growth, color, and most importantly survival of SPS in captivity.

Corals cannot survive exclusively from zooxanthella alone as they require extra sources of proteins, nutrition, and carbohydrates.

While corals use light for a majority of their energy production, they must also rely on particulate foods to support their diet. Research has shown that the total energy demand cannot be met by photosynthesis alone. With the use of highly efficient protein skimming and fine mechanical filtration, we eradicate almost all organic molecules and particulate matter from our systems resulting in low levels of organic nourishment available to our SPS corals.

Using fresh and high-quality ingredients Easy Reefs has been able to develop a food that can be broadcast fed or target fed to all different kinds of small polyp corals. The small particles can be easily consumed and with the supplied complex carbohydrates, natural lipids, and proteins your corals will have an even easier time digesting the food and converting it into energy. Use with EasyBooster to create a well-balanced food source that will reduce the need for any other foods.


Use 1 level scoop per day per 60gal of aquarium water. Mix the required dose with water in the included vial and shake. Rehydrate for 5 minutes and add to the aquarium in a high flow area to broadcast feed or spot feed if you desire.