AquaLife Evoke, 177ml

AquaLife Evoke, 177ml


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AquaLife Evoke, 177ml

“A fresh breath of carbon dioxide for aquatic plants”

-Delivers a sufficient amount of carbon dioxide to plants

-Formulated carefully from highest purity ingredients for safe and reliable results

-Safe for some, but not all, shrimp species

-Safe for fish

This product evokes the best performance from your planted aquarium by allowing plants access to a sufficient amount of carbon dioxide for luxurious growth, even in aquariums without a carbon dioxide injection system. AquaLife EVOKE has been carefully formulated from the highest purity ingredients to deliver safe, reliable results in low-tech planted tanks.

DIRECTIONS: One teaspoon (5 ml) of EVOKE treats 25 gallons (100 L). Do not exceed this dosage and add only one dose per day. Observe plant reaction and adjust dosage as necessary.

This product has been tested and found safe with some, but not all, shrimp species. Use with caution in tanks housing delicate shrimp species.

REMEMBER:  Every aquarium is different. Evaluate the effect on plant growth for two weeks, then decide if dosage should be adjusted.

IMPORTANT: Aquatic plant growth is dependent upon the correct amounts of light, carbon dioxide and mineral nutrients. If any of these is inadequate, plants will grow slowly or not at all.

Keep out of reach of children.
Not for human consumption.