VIV Floating Feeding Ring, Glass

VIV Floating Feeding Ring, Glass


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VIV Glass Floating Feeding Ring

-Most favored high quality, hand-blown glass pipes in the aquatic world

-Great for reef-ready/drilled aquariums

-Contains food making for easier consumption for fish

VIV’s hand-blown Glasswares are the most favored in the aquatic world offering an outstanding elegance to any aquarium. Designed with an emphasis on functional beauty, each VIV glass piece is handmade in China by skilled glass workers. The pieces are formed from crystal clear borosilicate glass, the same material used to make high end lab equipment. Japanese glass craftsmen carefully hand finish each VIV part to the highest standards with smooth edges and attention to the smallest details.

VIV’s Feeding Rings are a great idea for any tank utilizing an overflow weir or need a consistent place for finicky fish to find food. Most foods will float, which is a problem when the overflow system takes it in, therefore trapping the food in the filtration system. The feeding ring contains the food making it easier for fish to consume.