IceCap VHO 430 Ballast, 120vac 60hz

IceCap VHO 430 Ballast, 120vac 60hz


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IC-430 VHO, HO or STD Electronic Ballast

The IceCap 430 Ballasts are the coolest ballasts available using 40% less electricity and burning 40% brighter. Their unique circuitry prevents premature lamp burn out and fading associated with VHO lamps. You can run VHO, HO, and STD lamps in any combination. Icecap 430 is a versatile and powerful ballast.

A Model IC-430 can operate up to 12 lamp feet with a total of 324 rated lamp watts. Individual lamps can be 2 through 6 feet each. This corresponds to 10 different lamp configurations.

Will drive all VHO, PC and T5 High Output lamps in various combinations up to 4 lamps.