IceCap VHO 660 Ballast, 120vac 60hz

IceCap VHO 660 Ballast, 120vac 60hz


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IC-660 VHO, PC or High Output T5 Electronic Ballast

The IC-660 ballast is a reliable, high-frequency solution for aquarium, horticultural, ultraviolet (UV), and germicidal applications.

The IceCap 660 Ballast is a made in the USA electronic lamp driver that works for all VHO (Very High Output), PC (Power Compact), and T5HO (T5 High Output) light bulbs. It can drive these lights in various combinations with up to 4 lamps and 440 watts.

The new IC-660 was developed using the same technology as the classic 660 ballast, but several improvements have been made to improve the ballast’s safety, reliability, and longevity. The ballasts are now built with higher quality, non-lead “RoHS Compliant” integrated components for a more environmentally safe product. The IceCap 660 also runs cooler than its predecessor which dramatically reduces the failure rate.

Not only are IceCap 660 ballasts the coolest available, they now use 40% less electricity and burn 40% brighter! The 660’s unique circuitry actually prevents premature lamp burn out and fading often associated with VHO lamps. What’s really cool about the IceCap 660 ballasts is that you can run VHO, HO, and STD lamps in any combination you like. It really is a versatile and powerful solution to drive your aquarium lights!

A single ballast can operate any combination of up to 4 lamps as long as the total does not exceed 440 watts. It operates silently, too, and is fully repairable with a generous 3-year conditional warranty. In addition, the IceCap 660 ballast is fully dimmable if you’re running T12 VHO bulbs. We recommend using the Blueline Aquatics Solar 1000 Dimmer if you wish to dim your VHO lamps with the IceCap 660 Ballast. Please note that T5 and PC lamps cannot be dimmed with this ballast.

IceCap 660 Ballast Features

  • Unsurpassed Versatility
  • Silent Operation
  • Fully Repairable
  • Comes with Wire Harness
  • 3 Year Warranty

IceCap 660 Detailed Specifications

  • Model: IC-660
  • Input Voltage: 120V A/C
  • Input Current: 4.4 Amps
  • Input Power: 440 Watts
  • Lamp Load: 110 Watts
  • Power Factor: > 60%
  • Operating Frequency: 22-25 KHz
  • Minimum Starting Temp: -40C
  • Max. Allowed Area Temp: < 50C
  • Max. Mounting Distance: 50 feet
  • Type: 2 Outdoors
  • Sound Rating: A
  • Enclosure Overall Dimensions (Inches): 11 ¼ X 3 7/32 X 1 ¾
  • Power Cord: Not Included
  • Thermal Protected: Class P
  • Weight: 2 lbs