Jawfish, Hopkins (Opistognathus hopkinsi)

Jawfish, Hopkins (Opistognathus hopkinsi)


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Hopkins Jawfish
Opistognathus hopkinsi

Temperate Water: 21⁰C/69-70⁰F

Collection Depth: 150-300 ft

Care Level: Intermediate/ Expert

Maximum Length: 4″

Range: Northwest Pacific: Japan.

Temperament: Semi-Aggressive.

Diet: Meaty foods.  We recommend LRS Fish Frenzy, LRS Coral Frenzy, PE Mysis, Hikari Brine Shrimp, and high quality meaty frozen and dried foods.

Coral Tank Compatibility: Safe with corals.  Requires a deep sand bed, and may bury sessile invertebrates/ corals on the substrate.  Requires a sealed aquarium, as they will jump.

Aquarium Size: 40 gallons or greater.

Notes: This is the FIRST time this fish has been offered to the US marketplace. This is a preorder opportunity. Current specimens are conditioned, and feeding.  3-4 week import and quarantine required.  Please, no buyers remorse/ return requests.  Video/ additional images upon request.