Kamoer X1 Single Bluetooth Doser

Kamoer X1 Single Bluetooth Doser


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Liquid Doser with Bluetooth Connectivity

Flexible and precise control of liquid additions to your aquarium. Easy to use mobile interface make set up a breeze. Daisy chain up to 4 – X1 dosers per power supply.

Dosing Times: 12 times/day -1/31 days
Fluid Volume Range: 1ml – 6500ml
Accuracy: <+/-2%

Ensure Precise and Consistent Dosing

The Kamoer X1 Liquid Dosing Pump is the latest state of the art controllable liquid dosing pump from Kamoer. Each X1 is integrated with Bluetooth for complete control via mobile device (iPhone or Android). An easy to use app intuitively sets up single or multiple X1 pumps to any desired dosing regimen.


X1 Software Features:

  • Add multiple X1 pumps to control
  • Daisy chain up to Four -X1 pumps per power supply
  • Flow calibration setting
  • Operational modes (Manual, Auto Quick Setting)
  • Easy setting – Set dosing start and stop time (does not have to be 24 hours)
  • Enter total number of ml to be dosed over the time period
  • Enter the number of times to dose each time period (up to 12 times)
  • User can even choose dosing every 1 – 31 days or certain days per week
  • Adjustable dosing volume Auto Mode: 1 – 6500.0ml
  • Adjustable dosing volume Manual Mode (Manual Mode ONLY): 0.5 – 6000.0ml
  • Delay setting between channels prevents chemical interference

*Requires Bluetooth capable mobile device to operate.

Kamoer X1 Micro Pump Comparison Chart

Model X1 Micro Pump  X1 PRO WiFi Micro Pump
LxWxH  100x 65x63mm 65x60x82.4mm
Weight  205g (without PSU) 215g (without PSU)
Max Daisy Chain  Supports up to 3 dosers Supports up to 3
Control Method  Bluetooth Local Control WiFi Remote Control
Dosing Times Per Day  12 24
App  X1 Pump Kamoer Remote
Support System  iOS/Android iOS/Android
Time Grouping  Not Supported Supports up to 6 sets of time periods
Clock  No Time Memory With Time Memory
Firmware Update  Can’t be updated Updateable