Kessil® H80 Tuna Flora LED Light Fixture

Kessil® H80 Tuna Flora LED Light Fixture


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Designed For Refugiums!

The Kessil H80 Refugium Lights are perfect for growing many different types of algae, most notably chaetomorpha. You can tune the light manually or it is fully controllable through its four different color modes with the Kessil Spectral Controller, or any 0-10v controller.

  • Integrated heat sink
  • Dimmable
  • Kessil Logic
  • Color Tunable
  • Canopy Mount included
  • Compatible with Spectral Controller
  • Connect multiple with unit link cables


The new innovative design of the H80 integrated the heatsink for the LEDs right into the body of the light allowing for high heat transfer without the need for a fan. The fan less design makes the light perfect for humid environments where refugiums can usually be found.


Dense Matrix LED

Kessil has spent many years developing and researching LEDs, and they have developed a unique array that they build in-house, packing numerous diodes into an area no larger than a dime. This creates a nice even blend of colors and produces a very broad spread of light. With such a tight pack of LEDs, the individual colors are thoroughly mixed before the light even leaves the optic lens reducing hot spots and providing uniform coloration throughout the tank.


Kessil Logic™

After many years of R&D, Kessil Logic™ can be found on all of Kessil’s LED lights. The H80 allows you to fine tune the overall color and intensity that the light puts out while keeping a spectrum that will be optimal for algae growth and vitality. Throughout the multiple spectrums and intensities, Kessil Logic keeps the overall light output balanced. Compared to traditional refugium lights, the Kessil H80 is years ahead of the competition and is our choice for a refugium light.



Maximum Spread – 24″ x 24″

Recommended Spread – 18″ x 18″

Multiple modules can be daisy-chained together with unit link cables for larger refugiums.



Dimensions – 1″ Thick x 4.9″ Outside Diameter

Power Consumption – 15W

Power Supply – 100-240V AC (input) 24v DC (output)



Mounting the H80 can be accomplished with the included Canopy Mounting Adapter or the Mini A Series Gooseneck which can be purchased separately.