AZOO KH/ Carbonate Hardness Test Kit

AZOO KH/ Carbonate Hardness Test Kit


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AZOO KH Test Kit

– Suitable for freshwater and saltwater

AZOO’s KH test kit is suitable for freshwater and saltwater. Carbonate hardness is an indicator of the level of bicarbonate. It can be used for freshwater or saltwater where bicarbonate is an important buffer. Bicarbonate can be dissociated and become HCO3, CO3, CO2, H+, OH, etc. to stabilize the buffer system and maintain the pH value. KH will influence CO2 solubility and is also the source of biogenic decalcification for water plants.

Each drop is 1 degree dKH

Keep planted aquariums between 3.5-5

Keep saltwater aquariums between 7.0-9.0

Test kit range is from 1-12