AZOO Freeze Dried Krill, 220ml / 30g

AZOO Freeze Dried Krill, 220ml / 30g


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AZOO Krill 220ml / 30g – Freeze Dried

-For all ornamental and marine fish

-High in protein, fat, and astacine

-Suitable for large sized fish

-Manufactured with high quality, fresh krill

-Freeze-dried fish food

-A healthier solution than live foods

AZOO’s Krill is manufactured with high quality, fresh krill. It is manufactured with the most advanced dehydration and freezing technologies available. It contains protein, fat, and astacine, suitable for large sized, and colorful fish. The Krill is dehydrated in vacuums at subzero temperature conditions to retain nutrition and fresh flavor. This dehydration process is hygienic without any contamination or exposure to any infectious disease.
It is rich in Vitamin E, which helps the utilization of fat, vitamins, and carotenoid by fish. Since it increases the appetite and immune system of the fish, Krill is one of the most nutritious food for all ornamental fish.

Crude Protein: 61% (Min)
Crude Fat: 12% (Min)
Ash: 19% (Max)
Moisture: 5% (Max)

Feeding Instructions:
– Feed 1-2 times daily. Give only what fish will eat in 10 minutes.
– For smaller fish, crumble into finer pieces of food.
– After the can is opened, store in a cool, dry place.