Goby, Laura’s Goby (Psilotris laurae)

Goby, Laura’s Goby (Psilotris laurae)


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Laura Goby
Psilotris laurae

Temperate Water: 68ºF (20ºC)

Collection Depth: 350-600 ft

Care Level: Intermediate/ Expert.

Maximum Length: 1.5-2″

Range: Curacao and Bonaire, Southern Caribbean.

Temperament: Peaceful. Due to it’s small size, we recommend smaller, peaceful tankmates.

Diet: Small micron frozen and dried foods/ frozen and live baby brine shrimp.

Coral Tank Compatibility: Harmless to corals. Use caution if placed with large polyp stony corals/ anemones, so that goby does not get consumed by said animals.

Aquarium Size: 10 Gallon or greater.