LEDControl4 V2

LEDControl4 V2


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The LEDControl4 V2 with integrated drivers allows you to dim LED lights, which are operated with a constant voltage such as LED chains that have a series resistor. LEDControl4 V2 does not include a current controller, just the minus potential of the connected power supply is clocked through PWM!

We recommend checking if your LED light is suitable for operation at a constant voltage, otherwise your LED light and LEDControl4 V2 can be damaged!

LEDControl4 connects to one of the 1-10V interfaces of ProfiLux and outputs PWM signals, which can be used to control LED lights or LED drivers.

Some LED light manufacturers offer suitable adapter cables to connect to your lights on LEDControl4 V2.

Technical specifications:

  • Input voltage range: 5V … 48V, polarity + inside, – outside, DC-plug, 5.5/2.1mm
  • Max. current per channel or in sum: 5A
  • Number of channels: 4
  • Input voltage range analog inputs: 0V … 10V
  • PWM-switching frequency: 122Hz

You can download the manual to LEDControl4 V2 in our download area.