AquaLife Lush, 450ml

AquaLife Lush, 450ml


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AquaLife LUSH Concentrated Plant Food, 450ml

-Contains all essential nutrients for aquatics plants

-Formulated to maximize plant growth

-Provides nutrients for new tanks, as well as established, heavily-planted tanks

AquaLife LUSH concentrated freshwater plant food contains all the essential nutrients for your aquatic plants. We developed LUSH after months of research comparing various aquarium plant food products and their performance. AquaLife LUSH has been shown to be the best choice for maintaining a wide variety of freshwater plants for the long term.

DIRECTIONS:  This product is intended for use only in freshwater planted tanks, to give new transplants a boost. Do not use at full dosage when fish are present. Product contains copper and is toxic to shrimp.

N-P-K = .15—0.04—.45

For newly-planted aquariums: Add 2 ml (one pump) per 8 gallons daily for five days, then change 50% of the water. For smaller aquariums, this dosage is equivalent to one drop per 5 gallons. Aquariums without fish or invertebrates can be dosed this way indefinitely. Plants should be well-established and growing before fish are introduced. This will normally take about one month from transplanting.


For established planted tanks with fish: Reduce dosage to 2 ml (one pump) per 8 gallons weekly, following a water change. Evaluate the effect on plant growth for two weeks, then decide if dosage should be adjusted.

IMPORTANT: Aquatic plant growth is dependent upon the correct amounts of light, carbon dioxide and mineral nutrients. If any of these is inadequate, plants will grow slowly or not at all.

Keep out of reach of children.
Not for human consumption.