Up Aqua Magnet Cleaner, Large – Strong

Up Aqua Magnet Cleaner, Large – Strong


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Magnet Cleaner – Large – Strong

-Ergonomic design

-Clean the glass without getting wet

-Floats for easy retrieval if it falls off

-Scraper included

-Acrylic safe!

Up Aqua’s Magnet Cleaner is the ideal way to quickly clean the glass without getting in the tank. Your hands will remain clean and dry, and you need not worry about lotions or soaps on your hands adding toxic chemicals to your tank. This large sized Magnet Cleaner is ideal for aquariums 3/4 inches (19mm) or less in thickness. Works great on tough algae in smaller tanks!

*When placing the magnets on the aquarium it is important to put the inside piece and the outside piece on different spots of the tank. Then you can slide them together. If the magnets are allowed to slam together damage can occur.

*Take care when cleaning not to allow the inner magnet to make contact with the substrate. Gravel could get lodged between the magnet and the aquarium and damage can occur.