Maxspect Fragnifier

Maxspect Fragnifier


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Maxspect Fragnifier 3-In-1 Magnified Viewer/Algae Magnet Cleaner/Frag Rack

The Maxspect Fragnifier is 3 awesome aquarium tools all rolled into one! The Fragnifier is a magnetic viewer, an algae magnet cleaner, AND a coral frag rack with a magnetic mount.


The Fragnifier At-A-Glance

  • 3-In-One Aquarium Multi-Tool:

    • Magnified Viewer

    • Algae Magnet Cleaner

    • Frag Rack with Magnetic Mount

  • Dimensions: 8.27” L x 4.13” W x 1” H

  • For glass aquariums up to ⅝” thick

  • Acrylic viewer provides 25-50% Magnification


Magnified Viewer: See Your Corals Up Close!

The Fragnifier’s rectangular magnetic viewer turns normal aquarium viewing into a widescreen, high-definition experience. See your fish, corals, and inverts with stunning color and clarity. The Fragnifier’s solid acrylic viewing surface provides 25-50% magnification so you can see your aquarium inhabitants like never before.

Unlike other magnified coral viewers, the large surface of the Fragnifier makes it the perfect accessory for capturing detailed macro shots of corals. Other coral viewers on the market are small and circular-shaped, which makes snapping photos challenging. The wide flat surface of the Fragnifier lends itself well to photography. Two strong magnets keep the viewer securely in place. This is a welcome change from other viewers that use suction cups which, as any aquarist knows, are prone to failure.

The Fragnifier is also useful for inspecting and observing coral specimens for unwanted pests or hitchhikers. The form factor of the Fragnifier feels familiar, too. It looks like a transparent tablet or smartphone. Remarkably, when attached to your tank, it does not take away from your normal panoramic views. You’ll barely notice it’s there until you decide to use it.


Algae Magnet Cleaner: Keep Your Glass Clean & Clear!

Algae Magnets are a must in the reef aquarium hobby. But they can be expensive. Many cost as much or more than the Fragnifier and only serve a single purpose! The clever folks at Maxspect realized that since they were already employing strong magnets to hold the Fragnifier in place, it only made sense to cover the interior magnets with algae-busting bristles to give you more bang for your buck. Similar to other algae magnet cleaners, you simply slide the Fragnifier back-and-forth or up-and-down along your aquarium glass to free algae buildup so it can be carried off into your filtration equipment. If you’ve never used an algae magnet cleaner before, another huge benefit is that you can keep the walls of your tank clean without getting your hands and arms wet (which is an unfortunate side effect we’ve all come to expect from using simple scrapers!).


Magnetic Frag Rack: Holds Up to 18 Corals—Frag Plugs Included!

The magnetic viewer is rad. The algae magnet cleaner is practical and helpful. But the delicious icing on this cake is that you can attach a shelf to the Fragnifier to convert it into a frag rack.

Even better, Maxspect has included all 18 frag plugs with the Fragnifier. But these are no ordinary frag plugs! They are which are made out of the same porous ceramic beads as Maxspect’s popular Bio-Blocks and Bio-Spheres. So sure, they look cool. And sure, the embossed Maxspect logo on top is a nice touch. But the real selling point with these plugs is that they also serve as bio-media! Beneficial bacteria can colonize inside and on the surface of the plugs which helps keep your tank clean. Since Nano-Tech Bio-Plugs are full of pores that are permeable by water, they actually make it easier for corals to extract nutrients from the water column compared to standard, run-of-the-mill frag plugs.

The frag rack itself has hexagonal-shaped cut-outs comprised of 30 adjoining triangles. These are used to place frags but also help aid water circulation around your corals, which is a refreshing change from most frag racks. There are an additional 18 circular cut-outs that further improve water movement.

Obviously, there are a lot of factors at play, but the Fragnifier may be in a class of its own as the first frag rack that helps corals grow faster and healthier. Plus, you’ll always be able to view your frags through the magnified lens—a truly unique feature that you won’t find anywhere else.


What’s in the Box?

  • 1x Maxspect soft microfiber carrying case

    • Dual-purpose pouch for cleaning and storing the Fragnifier

  • 1 x Magnified magnetic viewer

  • 2 x Algae cleaning magnets

  • 1 x Frag rack/shelf

  • 18 x Maxspect Nano-Tech Bio-Plug frag plugs